"Creating value for our cutomers by utilizing the gold standard in laser technology"
“Creating value for our customers by utilizing the gold standard in laser technology”
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Considering tattoo removal in the Washington DC area?

There are many reasons to consider laser tattoo removal. You’ve had a change of heart, it was an impulsive decision that you instantly regretted, you got a cover up tattoo that exacerbated the problem, you no longer find tattoos appealing, or maybe your tattoo impedes on your employment.  Whatever the reason is…

Skin Deep Laser Services provides the safest and most reliable laser technology for removing your ink. As Northern Virginia’s Top Laser Aesthetic Clinic, we are proud to offer the Quanta Q plus C laser, which continues to be the “Gold Standard” in laser tattoo removal technology.  The Quanta Q plus C laser offers three, true FDA approved wavelengths, can treat all ink colors, skin types, and offers 500% more energy than the next closest rival laser systems on the market.The number of treatments needed for total clearance starts as low as 2 to 3 treatments depending on whether or not the tattoo was done by a professional or amateur, the amount of ink, skin type, ink color, location, and existing scarring.

The number of treatments needed for total clearance starts as low as 2 to 3 treatments depending on whether or not the tattoo was done by a professional or amateur, the amount of ink, skin type, location of tattoo, color, layering, and tissue scarring.  Total treatment time (depending on size of the tattoo) can take anywhere from a matter of seconds to minutes.  Treatments are repeated in seven-week intervals.

After each treatment, it’s normal to have some minor skin reactions such as swelling and redness.  The aftercare regimen is very similar to getting a tattoo.  It’s important to avoid the sun, keep the treated area covered with ointment, clean, and avoid hot showers. 

Really interested in tattoo removal? Then you can read more here.Treatments start as low as $49.99 per square inch.  For more information see our tattoo removal page:  http://skindeeplaserservices.com/tattoo-removal/

Laser Skin Resurfacing Services in Virginia

If you have aging skin with moderate to severe wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, drooping eyelids, or stretch marks, and you would like to improve theses blemishes.  Then fractional CO2 skin resurfacing is an excellent option for you and considered one of the top anti-aging breakthroughs by WEBMD today.  

Our Quanta CO2 YouLaser is one of the latest advances in CO2 technology. This non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment uses a fractionated (pixilated) technology to safely treat a variety of skin types and imperfections.

The CO2 YouLaser works by heating the skin in a pixilated pattern to create tiny micro wounds deep within the layers of the skin.  As the skin repairs itself, it replaces the old damaged skin with new cells, tissue, and collagen.   Additionally, when each micro-wound heals the skin becomes tighter as the wound closes. The untreated areas of the tissue also receive thermal benefits from the high heat of the laser, which helps to tighten the preexisting collagen fibers.

Results after a fractional CO2 treatment are the most dramatic in comparison to any other skin resurfacing technology on the market because the CO2 laser penetrates the deepest into the tissue. social downtime after a fractional CO2 treatment is also directly proportionate to the superior results achieved after treatment.  Therefore, significant results require a more aggressive (deeper) treatment, which requires more healing time.

After a treatment, the skin will be red with some swelling.  By the first to second day, all the laser wounds created in the skin will form tiny micro scabs.  These scabs will fall off between five to seven days to expose the new, pink skin.  This color will slowly fade over a couple weeks and can be concealed with makeup if needed.

While your skin is healing it’s important to avoid direct sun exposure, stay hydrated, and keep skin covered with healing ointment.  The number of treatments needed to achieve your desired results varies depending on your current skin condition and what you would like to address.  On average most clients receive two to five treatments spaced two to three months apart.  Treatments start as low as $200.00.  For more information see our fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing services here.

Laser Hair Removal in the Fairfax VA area

If you are considering laser hair removal you’re not alone.  The desire to have an effective, minimally time-consuming way to get smooth, hair-free skin has made laser hair removal the most sought after cosmetic laser treatment in the United States.

At Skin Deep Laser Services, we offer the latest laser hair removal technology with our Quanta Pronto Diode Laser. Our unique and state-of-the-art technology is the only diode laser on the market that utilizes a dual wavelength system that combines 810 & 940nm wavelengths.  This innovative technology targets both the melanin in the hair follicle and the vascular supply to more effectively damage the hair follicle.  If you are interested in learning more about the technology, click here to read a great article from Mayo clinic.

The diode laser is the most effective laser hair removal method to safely treat a broader range of skin types because it has a longer wavelength which is not well absorbed by the pigment in the skin. This longer wavelength also makes the treatment more effective because it allows for deeper penetration into the skin to reach the bottom of the follicle, which more effectively damages the hair.Laser hair removal is virtually pain-free and harmless to the skin.

You no longer have to worry about continuous rashes, breakouts, or cuts from other hair removal methods.  Our Quanta Pronto laser is one of the fastest hair removal lasers on the market and can treat a man’s back in a matter of minutes.  A series of treatments are needed four to eight weeks apart in order to treat all the hair in its active growing phase.

After a laser hair removal treatment, post-treatment irritation and redness are normal.  Applying a cool compress or ice pack to the skin will help to relieve any discomfort.  Sun exposure, waxing, and heat treatments (sauna, hot showers, etc.) are to be avoided after a treatment.   Prices start at $120.00 per treatment.  For more information check out our Quanta Pronto Diode Laser Hair Removal page where you can learn more about how we can take care of your laser hair removal needs. Learn more about Hair Removal at Skin Deep Laser Services by clicking here.

Madonna Eye Lift (Fractional CO2) Services Virginia

The fractional CO2 laser treatment for the eyes otherwise known as the Madonna Eye Lift is the latest non-surgical approach to treating wrinkles and sagging skin on and around the eyes.  Our Quanta fractional CO2 YouLaser uses the leading technology for skin resurfacing to improve the appearance of aging eyes without the use of surgery.

The fractionated CO2 laser technology only treats a fraction of the skin by placing tiny micro-wounds in the tissue.  As the wound heals the old skin is replaced with new cells, tissue, and collagen, which improves the appearance and texture of eyelid wrinkles, sagging skin, and drooping eyebrows.

The treatment process is very quick with minimal discomfort. Intraocular eye shields are placed over the eyes in order to safely treat the full eye area (upper and low eyelids).  Total treatment time for each eye takes less than five minutes with minimal social downtime that consists of swelling and redness which resolves in three to four days depending on the aggressiveness of the settings.  The recommended number of treatments needed varies between three to five treatments depending on the severity of the issues being addressed.

For more information on our fractional CO2 eye treatment see our Fairfax Madonna Eye Lift services in Fairfax page services page. You can read more about eyelid tightening with fractional CO2 technology here.

Acne Scars and Laser Scar Revision in Northern Virginia

Acne scars and other trauma related scars on the skin are one of the most common skin imperfections.  Many people often seek the wrong treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion when looking to improve the appearance of their scars.  Chemical peels and microdermabrasion fall short on delivering significant results because they are unable to treat the layer of the skin where the damage from scars exists.

At Skin Deep Laser Services, we employ the newest and most effective technology to reach the damaged areas of the skin.  Our Quanta fractional CO2 YouLaser technology is the industry “gold standard” for skin resurfacing treatments because it penetrates the deepest into the dermis, thereby, making it the best treatment for skin imperfections located deep within the layers of the skin.

The number of treatments needed depends on the location and severity of the scar or scarring.  On average, most clients need three to five treatments to see at least 30% to 50% improvement in their scars.  Actual treatment time takes around one hour with mild discomfort.  Treatments can be repeated every 2 to 6 months depending on the location of the scar and client skin type. Get more information about our scar revision services here.

Pigmented Lesions (Benign)?

We have you covered. Whether you’ve had them from childhood or if they develop with age, pigmented lesions are a painless and easy skin imperfection to treat.  Pigmented lesions occur from an overproduction of melanin (pigment) in the skin, which can be caused by genetics, hormonal changes, and sun damage.At Skin Deep Laser Services we employ two laser systems to treat pigmented lesions. 

We use our Quanta Q plus C laser and our Quanta YouLaser depending on the area being treated, the size of the lesion, and the client’s skin type.Treatments are fast and last around one to ten minutes depending on the size of the pigmented lesion.  There is very little to minor discomfort during and after treatment. 

The number of treatments needed depends on the client’s skin type and color of the lesion.  Three to five treatments is recommended and spaced seven weeks apart.  However, some lesions can completely disappear after one treatment.  Please see our pigmented lesions page for more information about the treatment process at Skin Deep Laser Services.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal services in the Washington DC Metro Area

Most men and women have striae (stretch marks).  Stretch Marks most commonly occur during rapid body growth and weight gain during puberty and pregnancy.   When your body experiences fast height or weight changes, the elastic fibers in your skin are unable to adjust to the accelerated changes and end up tearing.  The tears in the skin cannot repair themselves and you end up with stretch marks.

There are many creams on the market that claim to improve stretch marks with very little efficacy.  They may be helpful to soften the skin to help it stretch more effectively prior to tearing, but once the skin is torn they will not significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Our Quanta fractional Co2 YouLaser is an effective modality used to treat stretch marks because it provides the longest wavelength and skin depth to effectively reach the torn tissue in the skin.  The fractionated technology works by creating tiny micro-wounds in the skin to remove damaged tissue and replace it with new stimulated collagen and tissue.  Treatment time takes around an hour depending on the size of the area, and treatments are repeated between three to four months.  After a series of the recommended four to eight treatments, there will be a revision in the color, texture, depth and size of the stretch mark.  However, most notice improvements after their first or second treatment.

For more information about our fractional CO2 YouLaser treatment see our stretch marks revision page:http://skindeeplaserservices.com/stretch-mark-revision/

If you would like to see additional information from the National Library of Medicine on the use of fractional CO2 laser for stretch marks read here at NCBI